Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask

Thanks to my monthly subscription with Ipsy I was able to try out an awesome new brand, Michael Todd True Organics.

I received a deluxe sample of the Pumpkin Mask. I'm a girl who really loves to exfoliate, especially because I suffer with a ton of black heads. This does the trick without having to really scrub. You just apply to a clean face and let it do it's magic for about 5 minutes. It does burn/tingle for about a minute, so this may not be the best for those with very sensitive skin (my skin is not sensitive at all). After about 5 minutes wash clean and voila!

You have the smoothest skin after. It has 5% glycolic acid which is what gets rid of all the dead skin. I've always really loved using glycolic acid on my face for getting rid flaky skin, acne, and fine lines. It has a ton of great benefits. I've been using it once a week for about 5 weeks, and I still have more left in my sample. A little goes a long way! My skin is clearer and smoother, this mask does a great job of exfoliating and unclogging pores.

The full size is a bit pricey at $34.00 but like I said a little goes a very very long way. I'll definitely will purchasing this when I run out of my sample. You can find it here.

Did I forget the mention the best part? It smells like pumpkin pie, and can you imagine slathering pumpkin pie all over your face? Mmmmmm. It's a really great scent for this time of year too!


  1. This sounds incredible- I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin scented! :)


  2. sounds amazing. Love these kinds of facial masks
    will you like to follow eachother