Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crazy For Coral

So spring is here, and I'm pretty much obsessed with coral/orange. Especially nail polish. I really didn't notice how much of this color I have collected!

Here's a few of my favorites.

Essie in Come Here

One. Word. Amazing. It's bright and playful. It's kind of a red/orange/coral. I reallllllly like this formula. Sometimes I find it hit or miss with Essie, but this one is really nice. I've worn it a few times and gotten lots of complements on it. However, I believe it is limited edition so hurry out and get it while it lasts.

Revlon Color Stay in Seashell

This color is a great alternative to baby pink. I really like the Color Stay polishes because they are thick and shiny. Sometimes I only need one coat. These also do last a pretty long time without chipping.  This polish is a little sheer so I needed about three coats to get the opaqueness that I really wanted. But it's really pretty and subtle, and I will be wearing a lot on my nails.

Wet N Wild Mega Last in Club Havana

It's only $1.99! And I know there are a few other cult favorites from Wet N Wild that I want. For that price you totally won't break the bank. This one is more of a true orange with a touch of coral. It's really pretty, and I find the formula is very similar to Revlon Color Stay polishes. However, it doesn't have quite the variety of colors that Revlon Color Stay has.

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