Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Birch Bloggers Benefit Gimme Brow Review

Being a Birch Blogger, I get the opportunity to try and review new products. When I saw Birchbox was offering a few Birch Bloggers to review Benefit's Gimme Brow, I knew I had to try to get my hands on it. Benefit has been one of my favorite brands for a long time (my favorite being the classic Benetint).

Lately, I've been really into natural looking brows. Nothing too bushy, but also nothing that is super high arched. After having my eyebrows over plucked/waxed, I've decided to let them grow out and just do a little clean up for those stray hairs. 

Typically, I use a pencil to fill in those sparse areas and brush them out with a spooly to make them look a little more natural. That, however, can be time consuming in my morning rush. So I was very excited to use an all in one product!

I chose medium/deep color. I am naturally a brunette, and I prefer a darker looking brow. 

It works kind of like a fiber mascara. It sticks to skin and brows creating hair and making existing hairs look fuller. The tapered brush is really easy to use. It allows you to define with the tip and fill in with the fuller part of the brush. I was able to create a really natural look with one step. The look is buildable too, so you can create a really stand out brow if you want too as well. I noticed that is stayed put until the end of the day. My sister was even impressed my how much my brows had "grown back".

After a few uses I really fell in love. It's easy and natural looking and will probably take the place of my pencil. It's also a good for those who are tired of the super thin, high arched brow (or those who has an oopsie with the tweezers).

Monday, December 2, 2013

Gifts for the Girls

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I certainly did! I spent
my vacation in lovely, freezing cold DC.

However, I did make it home in time for Black Friday shopping with
my mama. This has become a ritual for us to make it to Macy's/Lakeside
Mall and do tons of our shopping. We love our Macy's shopping!
While there we found some great gifts and gift ideas for all our gal pals.
These ideas are a little bit of lux without breaking the bank. I'd love to
know what some of your go to gifts are for the holiday season.


1. Kate Spade Wickford Monogram Mug, $15
2. Coach Poppy Eau de Parfum Rollerball, $22
3. Teavana Holiday Favorites Tea Gift Set, $35
4. Bath and Body Works 14.5 oz 3 wick candle, $9 (code HAPPYMONDAY)
5. Julep Mrs. Claus, $9.99

Monday, November 18, 2013

Porch Decor on a Budget

So, I've been itching to do some Christmas decorating since Halloween ended. I've been doing a little here and there, but I still have some more to go. I'll share that when I finish up.

I've been looking for some faux lighted topiaries for my front porch, but every single one I like was way out of my budget. So I figured I would make my own or do a little doctoring to some inexpensive faux trees.

I found a set of 2 from Walmart for $50! They are really nice but not quite as tall as I wanted, so I'd thought I would try to "beef" 'em up with some height from a pedestal planter.

Instead of buying planters, my mom had two identical plastic ones that she was not longer using. So I got them for free! (Yay for family and friends who give away awesome stuff!)

They started out a faded brown color. I wasn't thrilled with the color of them, but it wasn't anything that a $5 can of black satin spray paint couldn't fix. I think the black made them stand out a bit more without being over the top. A more polished look if you would say so.

After letting them dry overnight, I filled them with sand so the trees would sit a just the right height inside the planter. 

And then voila! I got two of these for a grand total of about $55. My porch still isn't finished, I promise to show it all when it's done. Hopefully I'll add some poinsettias, and show you it all lit up!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little Too Early?

A little too early to be drinking holiday coffee from your favorite Christmas mug? No, no. I think not.

I've been loving Nestle Coffee Mate is Peppermint Mocha. YUM. With just a splash of this and a few drops of stevia, you have a cup of holiday cheer. Plus these are my all time favorite mugs from Williams-Sonoma, they always have the prettiest holiday mugs. Great for gifts!

These are some that are available now at William Sonoma. Similar, Similar

Stay posted guys! This is my favorite time of year, and I'm hoping to share gift giving guides, favorite holiday recipes, holiday decor, and much more holiday fun!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sneak Peek Into My Home

Hi everyone!
I thought I would post something a little different today. I've recently moved into a new home (6 months ago), and I have been doing a little decorating here and there. I've been trying to be budget conscious which can take time as well! I thought I would share part of my bedroom and the exciting new curtain panels I just put up.

I've been looking through Pinterest for inspiration for a long time. These are two photos that have been my favorite.

I love the simple elegance and style of this room. I also love the furniture, mine is very similar. 

But this is my favorite, I love the punch of color! Mustard has been a really big favorite of mine recently, and I've seen lots of great fabrics with great mustard patterns. Photo Credit

This is just a little snippet of my bedroom. I still have lots left to do, maybe once done I'll do a whole post on it. Sorry for the crappy photo quality, I'm working on that too! But I had to share these awesome curtain panels from West Elm. I have been searching for the perfect pair of mustard drapes forever and $44 these are definitely affordable. The color is perfect and at 96 inches the length is perfect too. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Red, Red Wine

It's finally starting to feel like Fall down here in South Louisiana. YAY! I've been keeping all my favorite "wine" colors out for easy grabbing and color inspiration.

With that said, I've been alternating various deep wine/red colors on my nails.  From true reds to almost black berries, I'll be sharing my favorites for Fall!

1. Essie's Bahama Mama

2. Essie's The Lace is On

3. Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in Cinna-Snap

4. Revlon in Divine

5. OPI Vodka & Caviar (My all time favorite red)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Brand I'm Loving: L’Oréal

L’Oréal products are always been a favorite of mine, best described as affordable luxury. Some are new favorites and others are cult classics that many have loved for years. 

My newest favorite are the Colour Riche La Laque lip sticks. I've gotten two so far, and I'm love! These are super pigmented and extremely long lasting without drying out your lips. These are brand new and not even on their website yet. When I purchased them they were only 4 colors. They also offer a similar lip stick in matte colors which I haven't gotten yet, but I eventually plan on trying those out too. 

Another new favorite is the Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing balm. I've used my fair share of fancy schmancy hair products that promised to repair my color treated and heat damaged hair. Well many have them have done an OK job in the past, but nothing that worked so well that I would spend $20+ on them again. Then I purchased this $7 wonder. Yes, $7. Holy Moly. This product is FANTASTIC. It's not to heavy and it rinses super clean. I can use it 2 or 3 times a week without weighing my hair down. It leaves my hair so smooth and easier to style . It feels almost like I've gotten fresh haircut after I use it. I can totally tell this will become a product that I will repurchase time after time.

My next favorite is the Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner. This is a dupe for Lancome Artliners, but I find that these are: 1. Less expensive and 2. Smudge less. This is the only type of applicators I can get a clean line with. I get questions about how I do my winged eyeliner. Well, this is the secret. It's so easy to use and flexible. It's also very easy to remove if you make a boo boo. I've repurchased this many many times and use it almost everyday. 

Last but not least is the cult classic mascara, the Voluminous line. Oh my gosh, of all the expensive mascaras I have tried this drug store one takes the cake. The whole line is amazing, but my favorite is the Carbon Black. This mascara does everything you could want out of a mascara, fuller, longer, more defined lashes. You can achieve a false lash look or a very natural look just depending on the coats. If you haven't tried this yet, go buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask

Thanks to my monthly subscription with Ipsy I was able to try out an awesome new brand, Michael Todd True Organics.

I received a deluxe sample of the Pumpkin Mask. I'm a girl who really loves to exfoliate, especially because I suffer with a ton of black heads. This does the trick without having to really scrub. You just apply to a clean face and let it do it's magic for about 5 minutes. It does burn/tingle for about a minute, so this may not be the best for those with very sensitive skin (my skin is not sensitive at all). After about 5 minutes wash clean and voila!

You have the smoothest skin after. It has 5% glycolic acid which is what gets rid of all the dead skin. I've always really loved using glycolic acid on my face for getting rid flaky skin, acne, and fine lines. It has a ton of great benefits. I've been using it once a week for about 5 weeks, and I still have more left in my sample. A little goes a long way! My skin is clearer and smoother, this mask does a great job of exfoliating and unclogging pores.

The full size is a bit pricey at $34.00 but like I said a little goes a very very long way. I'll definitely will purchasing this when I run out of my sample. You can find it here.

Did I forget the mention the best part? It smells like pumpkin pie, and can you imagine slathering pumpkin pie all over your face? Mmmmmm. It's a really great scent for this time of year too!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Holy Hair Dryer!

So after having my last hair dryer for quite some time, it finally died on me. I blogged about being forced to wear beach waves for a few days because of this tragedy.

On the hunt for a new, updated dryer I started to do a little research. I even dragged my boyfriend to Ulta to test out some dryers. Needless to say he was not super excited to be blow dryer shopping hehe.

I've always loved Hot Tools brand, in fact is was the brand of my very first straightener at the age of 13. I no longer have that straightener, but I do have an old faithful curling iron. After trying a few out Hot Tools blow dryers at Ulta I chose the Crimson Fade Turbo Ionic Salon Dryer.

And, I love it! It's amazing what a good quality dryer will do for your hair. After my first use, my hair was softer and smoother than with my old dryer. It's also pretty affordable at  $59.99, and was on sale that day for $49.99! You can get it here. It has 3 attachments: a diffuser, a concentrator, and a pik. I use the concentrator a lot. It's great for a blow out. It even has a cool setting and heat/speed settings. With so many combinations, this dryer can easily work for anyone with any type of hair.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clean, Fresh Makeup with a Pop of Color

If your anything like me, some mornings I just don't feel like putting a whole lotta
make up on. I'm way more into watching some TV and drinking coffee in bed until
I absolutely have to get up. Lately I've been just doing a BB cream and powder 
and/or a light foundation with mascara and a touch of blush. It takes all of five 
minutes maybe. 

But for just a little POP or PUNCH, I've been swiping on a bold lip color. These below
are my faves. They are easy to put on without liner, but I'm pretty sure I need a 
mirror for all of them. They all last for a few hours and are very moisturizing/non 
drying. I just bring it along with my in my bag for quick touch ups throughout 
the day. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Broken Blow Dryer = No Heat Beach Waves

Yesterday was a sad day. My blow dryer went out on me at 7 AM with a sopping wet head of hair. I believe it was a Conair, poor thing was so old the name had rubbed off. It was a great dryer for time I had it. Now I'm looking for something new with a reasonable price (no more than $60). Any suggestions?

Instead of crying, I improvised. I reached for a favorite of mine, Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. (I always want to say "NOT YO MAMA'S"). This spray was my BFF while at the beach, and I figured I could make it work at home. You just spray into damp hair and scrunch. Let air dry. Super easy. My hair was a little more curly when I did this at beach (thanks sea air!), however I did get really nice wave.

I know, know you all say you can make this spray. Well this one was about $3-4. By the time I'd gather ingredients, it would be easier to just buy this stuff. And it smells great too!

Btw this pic isn't so gorgeous, I haven't mastered the selfie yet. I still feel a bit weird taking pictures of myself, but for hair purposes I needed to show you. Plus I need better quality camera so please bear with me.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach/Josie Maran Fun!

So for the last week I have been here! It was a nice, relaxing, but rainy trip. Needless to say I didn't get a ton of sun :(

We had and awesome porch! I even got to enjoy some yummy breakfast and coffee out there every morning.

This is my cutie pie, Lexie, doing some serious dog watching.

I also did some shopping while in Florida at Sephora. I love Sephora. Thank goodness we don't have one at home, I never leave empty handed. I've been wanting to try all of Josie Maran's products. I got argan sample kit ($24 a steal!) and the Infinity Cream ($28). I CANNOT stop using the Argan Infinity Cream. It's amazing for dry patches and it smells so good. I know it's going to be a favorite with all of it's uses. Plus these products are made very naturally and eco-friendly! I'm really loving this brand, I'm going to have to try some of her gorgeous cosmetics. Find these items at Sephora.com or Josiemarancosmetics.com

I mean look how gorgeous the packaging/color is? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3 Summer Proof Eye Products

Here's 3 great products for "summer proofing" your eye makeup. These tried and true products will be sure to keep your makeup from sliding, smearing, or smudging.

1. Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper. Not only does Lime Crime have amazing lipsticks (I need to order a few), they also have the best hands down eyeshadow primer. This stuff will keep your eye shadows in place for well over 12 with no creasing or melting. I have super oily eyelids, and this is my holy grail primer. AMAZING. It does have new packaging now. It's in a tube now instead of this little pot.  I have not found this product anywhere but on Lime Crime's website so I was skeptical about ordering. But I has so delighted after wearing it a few times, I cannot rave about this product enough. 

2. Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. This is NOT the waterproof mascara which I love. It gives your nice full lashes and holds the curl! When it gets wet it doesn't melt off like other mascaras and lasts all day. I find it a bit hard to get off with just a regular cleanser. Therefore I typically have to break out the coconut oil to get it to disappear. 

3. Last but not least, NYX Studio Liquid Liner. This liner does not move or flake! It goes on very smooth, and I love the brush. It's super easy (as easy as liquid liner gets) to do thin or thick lines and my favorite winged eyeliner. It comes in a ton of colors. I only have black and bronze right now, but I will be purchasing the blue next time I can find it at my Ulta. 

I know these three products will be getting me though the scorching Summer we have in South Louisiana. Check them out, I've linked them all!

Friday, June 21, 2013

An Old Favorite Revisitied

Good Morning Guys!

Just thought I'd share a new/old favorite of mine. That's OPI's Alpine Snow. I've loved this color for years! However, I've totally forgotten how great it looks with a tan and a pop of color like these neon sandals. 

I've been seeing a lot white nails everywhere: the beach, Pinterest, and Instagram. I think it's going to be big this Summer. Plus who doesn't want to look a little more tan?

Alpine Snow is available at Ulta for $9
These sandals are no longer available online at JC Penney's. However you may be able to find them in your local store. I scored these for only $7!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Trip Necessities

I love the beach. I am a beach bum whenever I get the chance.

Everyone knows the basics to take the beach by now (swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, food/drinks).

On my recent trip a few days ago I took a few little extras that I thought I would share.

1. iHome IHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speaker, Black $49.99. These awesome little speakers are available here. These are great to play your summer playlist. I used them all weekend, and they are easy to plug into your phone or iPod. 

2. A good insulated cup with a lid. You want to keep that drink as cool as possible while out in the sun and keep the sand out too. You can usually pick these up in grocery store near any beach or you can find some fun ones on Amazon or Tervis.

3. Last but not least, an umbrella. For those of you who are a little more cautious of the sun (me) this is really important. Sometimes I really need to just get a break from the sun and this will help. You can take a nap under the shade and keep your items together and cool. Pro Performance Super Brella Beach Umbrella $49.99 is available at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's kind of like a little tent, check them out! Totally worth the price tag!

Monday, June 17, 2013

My First Glam Bag

Being an avid YouTube beauty blog watcher, I have always been intrigued by monthly beauty sample subscriptions. 

After doing lots of research (tons of unboxing videos), I decided that your best bang for the $10 monthly fee was Ipsy Glam Bag. YouTube guru Michelle Pham is the genius behind the bag. Ipsy offers samples/deluxe samples/full size products sent to you monthly. It's a great way to learn/try out new products and learn new brands. Go to Ipsy.com to learn more and get details about subscriptions.

I was super duper excited about my first bag because it was filled with lots of fun items. Some actually old favorites, but mostly new and exciting products to try.

Here's what was in my Glam Bag (awesome neon and leopard baggie btw):

1. Nyx cream blush in Boho Chic (full size). I actually have a few of these already and love them. They are awesome blendable blushes that are really affordable. I was very happy to find this in my bag and it was a shade I didn't have.  Yay! I wore it the very next day!

2. Cailyn Gel Eyeliner in Iron (full size). This is really pretty. I love the color, sometimes black can be too harsh for some looks. This is a perfect option to lighten up the line. It says it's long wearing and smudge proof. I am testing it for the first time today so I'll definitely know by the end of the day.

3. Starlooks Lip liner in Tipsy (full size). Really nice nude/pink color. I don't use lip liner often, only with really dark colors. However, I know they can extend the time of your lipstick. I will totally try it though just haven't gotten to it yet.

4. J.Cat Sparkling Cream Pallet (full size). This is sooooooo pretty, but I'm not sure I'll get much use out of it. Good thing I'm a dancer, and it will work for performances. I plan on playing with it to see if I can create a fun night time look with it as well. 

5. Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter (full size). I love highlighter especially this time of the year. I think this one is for your brow bone, but I used it a little everywhere today. I really like the look of it, not sparkly but definitely brightening. The pencil is really soft so it's very easy to blend. I may also try to use this as a waterline eyeliner. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Skin routine

Skin routine

Skin routine by ashley-russo featuring elizabeth arden

Hey guys! Just wanted to share my nighttime routine. I'm the kind of girl that doesn't put a ton on my skin every night. Sometimes I will add an item or remove one, but this is my routine as of now. My routine it simple and to the point. Hope you like!

1. I use coconut oil to remove my makeup. It's super cheap and has great benefits for skin. It also has many other uses: hair mask, cooking, etc.
2. I put just a dime size amount of of Purity on my Clarisonic. I've used Purity for at least 3 years, and I will never go back to another cleanser. It gets rid of everything without drying or irritating skin. I love this thing. It's made a huge difference in my skin, it's so much smoother and clearer. But to warn you, your skins gets worse before its gets better. Give it a few weeks, you will love the difference.
3. This step is optional. I only do it about 3 times a week as a mask for 5 minutes. The Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. It has benzoyl peroxide with can irritate skin. Mine however is not very sensitive so it doesn't irritate mine, but it will dry it out if I use it too much. This is also great for spot treating, it really helps keep me clear when I'm having a breakout.
4. I mix my Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream with Glycolic Acid and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for an amazing moisturizer. I love Alpha Hydrox products, this one gently exfoliates. I also find it was helped with blemishes. This is my second jar and its very affordable at about $12. Then I take a little more of the Eight Hour Cream under my eyes and on my lips. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What a Weekend!

Just wanted to share the amazing gal's weekend I had with my family.

Nothing like a lil fun in the sun and some country music. We spent the weekend in a favorite place of mine, Baton Rouge. Every Memorial Day weekend they have an awesome country music festival called Bayou Country Superfest. There were some amazing bands and artists! Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, and Lady Antebellum were among my favorites. 

Not only was the music great, but so was the company. Nothing like a girls trip!

And, I just wanted to thank all of those who gave their lives for us and this country. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let the Memorial Day Shopping Begin!

So this weekend is probably a long one for many of you. Yay! Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of Summer and many of you have Monday off.

Many retailers take advantage of this extra day off to give great discounts and have huge sales. This is a perfect time to stock up on basics or get your summer wardrobe ready.

Many stores already have some amazing deals right now and have started their Memorial Day sales a bit early. So it's time for YOU to take advantage of some of the awesome deals going on!

Here's a few places offering some great deals now.

Forever21: One of my all time favorite places to shop. They have up to 80% off their already great prices!

JCrew: Right now they are offering up to $75 off your entire purchase. See their website for info and use code SHOPNOW.

Old Navy: 15% off your entire purchase or 20% if you use your Old Navy Card. Use online code ONSUMMER

JCP: They also have a great sale going on now with up to 20% off! Check out these awesome shorts I picked up for $12.99!

And now they are only $10 online! Crazy deal, make sure you check em out! I love the cut, they aren't too short. I love that because I am a girl with a booty. They are also very on trend with the frayed bottoms and acid/distressed/faded wash. I can already tell they will be a staple part of my summer! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

Just wanted to share this week in review. Here's what I'm loving!

1. Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara: I'm typically not a huge fan of their mascaras, but I've been hearing all kinds of hype for this product. I gave it a try and man, this stuff is good. It took me a few uses to really love it. My lashes look full and thick with just one-two coats. It's now one of my go-to mascaras.

2. Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil: This leaves my hair looking less damaged and hides my split ends. It makes my hair shiny without weighing it down or making it greasy. Another plus, it smells sooooo good. Best drug store hair oil I've used.

3. Seche Vite Top Coat: This product makes doing my nails a treat and not a chore. I HATE waiting for nails to dry. It takes so long, especially when you need a few coats of polish. Just swipe this on and in minutes you have a super duper, long lasting, shiny mani. Literally works in seconds, it's amazing.

4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Smoked Peach: Revlon has the most amazing lip products. I know I'm a little late the party with this nude, peachy matte lip color. It's a fan favorite, and I was finally able to pick it up. It's a great neutral everyday lip, and I've been wearing it non stop this month.

5. Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer: It's that time of year again where we all want to look naturally glowing. I'm really fair so self tanners scare me. This a great compromise. It gradually tans you. There is no yucky residue or transferring. It really absorbs quickly and looks really natural on light skin. Best of all, it's super affordable and available at Sally Beauty.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream

I keep thinking, why haven't I heard of this amazing product until now? Recently through reading blogs and doing some serious YouTube research, I found the answer to many problems I have encountered with my skin. Lately I've noticed lots of icky dry spots all over my body, arms, under eyes, face, and lips. After trying many products, I've found an old cult favorite. It's Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream (It's been around since 1930!).

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream has been a miracle product over the last two weeks. It has so many uses! I will link the great description right here that the Elizabeth Arden website gives. You can also purchase it online directly from Elizabeth Arden or Ulta with a price tag of about $19.99. It's worth every penny and a little goes a long way. I even think I'll be purchasing another to keep in my purse.

Here's a few ways I've been using the cream.

1. As a night cream. It's a little too heavy for day, but it works great for under eyes. I just mix it with a little of my night cream for extra moisture too.  I thought it could possibly break me out because it is so thick, but if anything my skin looks clearer!

2. On my cuticles. The are always a mess when I can't get a mani, but this keeps them smooth and soft.

3. My lips. This has been the best product for my lips. You can do a little for great moisture that sinks right in or a lot for a nice sheer gloss.

4. Any dry spot on my body. Just rub it on in like any other moisturizer. I can see the difference on a spot on my arm already.

5. Brows and lashes. This is a little strange for some, but it's good for those in a hurry, natural, lazy days. I just use a spooly and brush it on my brows and lashes. My brows stay put, and my lashes look full and glossy.

I will say that I don't love the smell, but I am getting used to it. Definitely worth a try!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Swim Suit Season

Okay, so I'm pretty sure everyone I know has a love-hate relationship with swimsuit season. I love the warm weather and finding fun new swimsuits (although it can be very tricky). However, getting bikini ready isn't the most fun.

I love picking out swimsuits but trying them on is the absolute worst part. Every brand fits differently and sizing is often not like regular clothing. That's why I typically order online to try on in my own home. Lots of shops offer free returns/exchanges with very little hassle. Asos.com is one of my favorite places to shop for swimsuits. They offer tops based on your bra size. Yep! No more guess work, and it's awesome for bustier gals who want good support and coverage. They also have a great size chart for bottoms as well and a great variety for every body type. And best of all, they are totally affordable with price points of 19.99 and up.

Here's two I just got in and love!

Plus shopping online gives you a great variety to choose from. You definitely won't be stepping out in the same bikini as everyone else.

But sometimes we may be in a pinch to get a new swimsuit and forced to shop in stores. Here's a few of my tips and tricks for when I go bikini shopping.

1. Wear the proper underclothes! I recommend something that's going be slim enough to fit under a swimsuit. You want to be able to see how close/good of a fit you will have as if you were wearing nothing underneath. I prefer a seamless thong.

2. Know your shape. Know what styles look great on you. Do some research on your body type. There are tons of great websites/blogs/magazines that break it down for you.

3. Try to prepare as if you were going to the beach. Put a little self tanner on the day before to prevent spreading onto the clothing.

4. Do your hair and makeup. I always find having it done makes shopping easier to see what the whole look will really be like. And it helps compensate for the awful lighting in most shops.

5.  Finally, move around in the suit. Can you get around easy without the bikini riding up or anything falling out? You want to be as comfortable as possible.

Hope these few tips help make your swimsuit shopping a little easier!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dove's Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo Review

I have struggled with oily hair my entire life. I have also struggled with the fact that it's not good to wash your hair everyday. Basically because you strip your hair of natural oils (not to mention it fades my faux red) and the heat styling after every wash can do some major damage.

So what's a girl to do when she needs to wash her messy mop but doesn't want fade her vibrant (and expensive locks? Dry Shampoo.

I've used a lot of different brands. Some good, some not so good. Many of the previous one's I've tried just make me feel like I've added more oils/heaviness to my hair.

Recently, I just finished Suave's Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo. It was pretty good, I was able to last two full days with no washing. However it did leave a white powdery residue near my scalp. (Yuck)

So in the market for a new dry shampoo (an inexpensive one), I did some research. Dove's is pretty new and has gotten some great reviews from bloggers and YouTube guru's. You can find it at any drugstore and it's only about $4.

I LOVE IT. Simple as that. It's everything I could ever want in a dry shampoo. Here's why:

1. It gets the job done. I was able to last THREE full days without a wash, and my hair did not look like an oil slick at the end of day three.

2. No white residue. It's really light as well. I feel like it doesn't weigh my hair down or add any unnecessary "stuff" or  "goop."

3. It smells really good. Like really really good. Fresh.

4. It really is invigorating. It feels really cool when it hits the scalp. I guess not everyone may be into that, but it feels really refreshing.

This is by far the best dry shampoo I've ever used, and I will be repurchasing this again.

Monday, April 29, 2013

This Week's Steals and Deals

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a total bargain shopper. Especially after moving into a new home and having lots of new responsibilities/bills. Yuck. However, I still get to fit a little shopping in here and there. Here's a few of my newest finds at great prices.

First find, faux suede westernish (is that a word?) ankle booties from Target. It's almost too hot for them now, but I think I can squeeze a few wears out of 'em until next Fall. You can find some great deals on Target's sale racks if you do some digging. There was only one pair of these left at my local store and my size! I cut the tags off of this already oops. I believe I paid about $11 for this!

Next find. A great coral/orange shoulder/crossbody bag. This is my new favorite color. Target had some very similar to this one at one time, but I missed out on those colors. I paid $25 for this bag. It's really well made, and I got it from a discount store, Tuesday Mornings. Kinda like a Homegoods/Marshalls. It's really well made, and I've already worn it this week. LOVE!

Last but not least, the my ultimate find. I've been seeing a people wear these really wide palazzo type pants more and more lately. I'm still not sure how I will style these yet, probably just a white tank and bold necklace. But I really love the pattern. They are a navy stripe/chevron print pant. They are much too long, but at the price I paid I can have them hemmed. They are from JC Penney and only $4!!!!!