Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am no chef. Let's make that clear.

But occasionally I like to try different recipes. Not many are successful. I've also been trying to convert my eating to mostly clean eating. I'm not 100% a clean eater and I don't plan to be. But, I am trying to eat at least 70% clean and cheat a little on weekends. I mean, I cannot forever give up candy and french fries, right? Basically, eating clean means staying away from processed foods and eating as much whole foods as possible. Check out this book for more info.

This definitely means planning. I have to plan my meals for the week and have snacks on my hands at all times. Mostly fruits and veggies, good thing I like 'em! Breakfast is actually pretty easy to handle, there are quite a few different options.

One thing I've been eating is overnight oats. The first few times I tried it I wasn't able to get a flavor I liked. Never could get it sweet enough, but I've finally found one that's really good. And I tweaked it a little bit by adding in some fruit. Here's the recipe for apple cinnamon overnight oats.

-1/3 cup rolled oats
-1T chia seeds (these help absorb the liquid and have great health benefits)
-1/2 milk
-1/2 Greek yogurt
-1 or 2 t of cinnamon (I usually put more)
-10-15 drops of liquid stevia extract
-1 chopped apple
Mix all together and stick in the fridge overnight. Heat up or eat cold! Super yummy and full of nutrients.
I also like to top it with almond butter and/or mix in blueberries and bananas after it has spent the night in the fridge.

Note: This recipe makes entirely too much for me, so in the morning I'll split it up. I'll have enough for two breakfasts during the week or an afternoon snack.

I forgot to take a picture this morning oops! But this is from a similar recipe.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why I Love Sundays (Especially in the Fall)

Sunday has to be my favorite day of the week. It's definitely a day of rest (sort of) in our house. It mostly consists of cooking a big dinner, naps, movies, laundry, numerous lil things to get ready for the week ahead. No makeup and ponytail hair is also really high on that list too.

But when Fall comes around, It becomes a bit more exciting day. Mostly because of football, which honestly I like, but I could care less about the outcome. I love the Saints and LSU, but believe me I'm okay if they lose. I guess it's just more exciting to have a house full of people that are close to you. I love the cheering and excitement they all give off. Oh, and the food. Sundays have always been about food, but I think it's like that for most families in the South.

Another reason I love Sundays in Fall, is definitely the weather. Living in South Louisiana is typically sweltering, but as we get closer to October it gets slightly more bearable. Late afternoons can be enjoyed outside with a big glass of wine, and you won't break a sweat.

This Sunday the Saints are on and every TV in the house has the game on. You know, just in case you have to move around the house, you won't miss more than five seconds. But the real fun is in the kitchen right now, Mom is being ultra crafty. Thank you Pinterest! She's one of those people who actually does the projects and doesn't just pin them. She's so good she's doing two things at once: lovely Christmas stockings for all the nieces and nephews and a giant wall collage of family photos. I'm pretty impressed, and I plan on her helping me do the same in my new house.

The wall is a work in progress, we have so many photos to go through. But this project is super duper easy. Check it out here.

These are my favorite (still not completed), but look how cute! This however takes a but more sewing experience.
Have a Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Banana's Over Boots

Yes, it's beginning to be that time of year again.

Boot season.

Are you excited? I am. People are constantly asking me how many pairs of shoes I own (guess it's 'cause I own a shoe store). But last night as I was going through my closet to put an outfit together for a wedding, I realized shoes weren't my problem. It's boots.

When winter rolls around I wear boots everyday, every single day. I quite a collection, not as huge as you would think. I try to donate a few pairs after every season, or buy boots that last. I have a few that I have been wearing well over 4 years. I still get asked "Where did you get those?"

So my suggestion is; splurge on basic boot styles that will last and don't break the bank on trendy boots.

Here's a few from Sorelle's that surely won't break the bank. We also have some great kid styles in boots available too!
These are only $25, we will have many more styles coming soon too! At great price points.
There's also some from Lulu's that I just purchased, which totally go with the combat boot theme I've been seeing everywhere. They were only about $40 so I'm hoping to get a few seasons out of them.

Stay tuned for more boot updates at Sorelle's!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Geauxing Pink in October

Today was quite a day. After taking dance classes all night I know I should be sleeping, but I can't. I am finding myself up wondering about tomorrow and what needs to be done.

So I've made myself a cup of tea (caffeine free) and I've decided maybe a little writing will do the trick.

I just wanted to share something with everyone and maybe this will even spark some ideas for you local business owners or people who just want to give some time.

The other day as I was checking the mail I came across a letter from Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC. This October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) they are doing a huge fundraiser for the center. It's geared toward local businesses/organizations that are interested in helping support early detection, survivorship, research, education and screening programs in the area. Basically you can donate your time or money by creating an event. This event will raise money that goes directly to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC. I'll link the website for more in depth information on what you can do and how you can participate. My shoe store Sorelle's, as well as our other family businesses, will be participating. I'll keep y'all posted on when and what we will do for an event, so stay tuned!

This cause hits pretty close to home with us because about a year ago we lost my grandmother, Ethel, to this disease. So this a great chance for our family to participate in her honor. We love to do fundraisers and my parents even walked 26 miles last year in the Avon walk! There are so many of us that are affected by breast cancer, and I think we all know someone who has had to fight.

My twin, grandma, and I

If any of you are interested in what you can do go to:

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

It's Starting to Feel like Fall Y'all!

Happy September!

Although it's still pretty warm outside, I can feel it coming. I even treated my self to a pumpkin spice latte today.

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. So many fun things are going on like football, new fashion, breast cancer awareness month (more on that soon!), and it's just that much closer to Turkey Day and Christmas! Just wanted to share some of my favorite candles that take me to Fall.

If there is anything that makes it feel like Fall, its candles. Bath and Body Works has my favorite candles. I love that they do seasonal scents, and they make me feel like a kid again. I guess the smell of many of their candles brings me back to all the fun of my childhood.

These candles can be be a bit pricey (big ones are $19.50), but they are huge and last a long time. Also, Bath and Body Works does two for $20 every few weeks and that's the only time I buy. That's going on right now!

My favorites are:
1. Leaves: which seems to be an all time classic, it keeps coming back
2. Mahogany Teak wood: Smells like the inside of Abercrombie, it reminds me of every boy from my high school days.
3. Cider Lane: Very much like apples and caramel (my mom wanted to know what I was eating).
4. Autumn: Also smells like apples also but more outdoorsy and woody.

Here's a cool trick I learned while shopping. I do love the packaging at Bath and Body Works, but it doesn't always match my decor. The labels can peel right off, and voila! It's very neutral and beautiful. They also have great metal candle tins that make them very pretty as well.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun Fall Beauty

Happy September!
Just wanted to share two of my favorite things right now. Nails and lips. Enjoy!

Some beauty items/trends that I find my self drawn to this is season is.

1. Deep dark nails: black, burgundy, purple, navy, emerald/hunter, nude

I must admit some of these are brand new, but a few are from last year and are still in good shape and happen to work for this season, YAY! But I don't know if they are still available.
From left to right:
Revlon Colorstay in Bare Bones (super opaque which I love, nudes are always too sheer)
Essie in Bahama Mama
Sephora by OPI in Dark Room
OPI in Tease-y Does It (super sparkly burgundy, looks great paired with Bahama Mama)
Revlon in Jaded
OPI in Road House Blues (pretty much the most perfect navy)
Revlon in Sparkle a plenty (black with thick chunky glitter)

2. Berry/dark lips
These are all really great, they go on sheer but are buildable to give a punch of color.
1. Maybelline Lip Gloss in Wine All Mine
2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey (I'm fair so if I go to dark it can look funny on me, this is my perfect match for a stain. It may be too subtle for those with darker skin tones.)
3. Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle.

 Stay tuned for more Fall fun!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Leather Trend

One of the BIGGEST trends I see going on in magazines is leather. Which I totally love. I'll be able to get more use out of my bomber jacket that has lasted me years. That's the plus about leather, it's so durable and lasts forever.

September's issue of People StyleWatch has really inspired me wear some leather. The pages of this months issue are loaded with different ways to wear this trend. You can go full out head to toe or just wear small detailed pieces. Here's one of my favorites from the mag.

On the other hand, it can be totally pricey. I suggest picking it up at the end of the season clearances. The prices come down so much, and since it's leather you can hold onto it forever. One of my favorites cost me around $70 on 65% clearance. SCORE!

Another great suggestion for those of you on a budget (like me), check out faux leather. I know I know many of you are thinking pleather??? But there are so many styles out that look like the real thing with a much smaller price tag, and it's vegan friendly!

Here's a few of my recent finds. I'm not sure what happened to JC Penney's recently, but I like it! I've always shopped there with my mom for the holidays, but I never loved their clothing. Our local JCP is revamping the store, and well lets just say they have some amazing and affordable new clothing.


Dress $25 by Worthington
Green top $18 by a.n.a.
Skirt by Forever 21 (bought it pre-owned for $10 on eBay!)

Another place you'll be able to find some great faux leather this season is my shop, Sorelle's. I'm totally loving this peplum and pleather combo. So sophisticated! It'll arrive in a week or so. I'll like our Facebook page below for more information on us.

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cross Jewelry

One item that I have been seeing so much of is cross jewelry. First, it started with very simple sideways cross in either silver or gold. Sorelle's (my small boutique) had gold and silver, but sold two dozen out in a matter of days. They are awesome for everyday wear and just perfectly simple and dainty.

Since we sold so many of the crosses, I started looking for more items that matched that theme. Stacking bracelets are a huge trend right now, and finding sideways crosses to stack with big watches was my mission. I found some that ended up being  perfect, and they are now available at Sorelle's.
I will link our Facebook below for more information on our store, as well as some pictures of what we have.

We will ship anywhere in the country. Just contact me via facebook, and we can help you find what you like.

Just a few of our new items, stay tuned for more Fall arrivals!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recent Jewelry Obessions

I don't know about you guys, but I stinking love jewelry.

Most recently I have been loving rose gold. It's so versatile and feminine. Well, I just love it, but I couldn't find any locally! I live in a pretty small city with limited shopping ,but I'm one of those people who loves to actually see an item before I buy it. Not that I don't online shop, I just do a lot of research ahead of time. Then one day I was browsing in Target and there it was!

They had tons of awesome rose gold bangles, and I totally stocked up. Super inexpensive ($12-14).

Still looking for a nice pair of simple, dainty rose gold earrings (Anyone know of any?).

Here's a few of my bangles with a matching rose gold Michael Kors watch.

I'm also going to post a few of my newest items for my boutique, Sorelle's. I always shop for myself when shopping for the store. I'm loving metallic arm candy for Fall. Stick with gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold. Tone down on all the crazy colors from Summer.

Have a happy Wednesday!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Ebaying for Fun!

Have a closet full of clothes? Things you don't wear, but are in great condition?

Within just a few minutes you can literally list an item and get a few extra bucks in your pocket. It's so crazy easy to do. You don't always get a lot of money for an item, but brand names sell, sell, sell.

If your anything like me, I clean my closet out each season. I'm kinda a neat freak in that department of life and that's about it. There are items that have been total impulse buys and have never been worn (why do I do this?!). I also have items that are gently used, but I just have no other place to wear them. Most of these items are dresses for special occasions or a pair of shoes that only went with one item of clothing. These are always the best candidates for eBay.However, I do have items that I have only worn very few times, but plan on keeping forever.

I typically also donate a lot of items, but some items I know will sell super easy on eBay.

Here's a few tips on getting your item sold on eBay.

1. Use keywords that buyers are looking for. Example: brand names, colors, styles. I try to make the title as detailed as I can so searchers can pick up on keywords.

2. Pictures! People love them and especially if the item if previously worn. Customers want to see all wear and tear before they buy. You want your item to hide nothing. You will be surprised at how many people will buy a great brand name product with a little damage.

3. Take full advantage of the description box. If there is wear on a item, mention it. List all the perks of the item. Even list where you wore it too, I love items with a history.

I will link my eBay store below, and give you guys a few pictures of some of the items I had lying around to sell.

I have a small obsession with shoes, especially since I own a shoe boutique. So I end up selling a lot of gently worn shoes on eBay.