Monday, May 6, 2013

Swim Suit Season

Okay, so I'm pretty sure everyone I know has a love-hate relationship with swimsuit season. I love the warm weather and finding fun new swimsuits (although it can be very tricky). However, getting bikini ready isn't the most fun.

I love picking out swimsuits but trying them on is the absolute worst part. Every brand fits differently and sizing is often not like regular clothing. That's why I typically order online to try on in my own home. Lots of shops offer free returns/exchanges with very little hassle. is one of my favorite places to shop for swimsuits. They offer tops based on your bra size. Yep! No more guess work, and it's awesome for bustier gals who want good support and coverage. They also have a great size chart for bottoms as well and a great variety for every body type. And best of all, they are totally affordable with price points of 19.99 and up.

Here's two I just got in and love!

Plus shopping online gives you a great variety to choose from. You definitely won't be stepping out in the same bikini as everyone else.

But sometimes we may be in a pinch to get a new swimsuit and forced to shop in stores. Here's a few of my tips and tricks for when I go bikini shopping.

1. Wear the proper underclothes! I recommend something that's going be slim enough to fit under a swimsuit. You want to be able to see how close/good of a fit you will have as if you were wearing nothing underneath. I prefer a seamless thong.

2. Know your shape. Know what styles look great on you. Do some research on your body type. There are tons of great websites/blogs/magazines that break it down for you.

3. Try to prepare as if you were going to the beach. Put a little self tanner on the day before to prevent spreading onto the clothing.

4. Do your hair and makeup. I always find having it done makes shopping easier to see what the whole look will really be like. And it helps compensate for the awful lighting in most shops.

5.  Finally, move around in the suit. Can you get around easy without the bikini riding up or anything falling out? You want to be as comfortable as possible.

Hope these few tips help make your swimsuit shopping a little easier!


  1. I am loving the trend of higher waists in bathing suits. They're very flattering and oh-so retro!

    Elise @ A Bow On Top

    1. Yes! I'm loving them too. They do amazing things for the body!