Friday, September 21, 2012

Banana's Over Boots

Yes, it's beginning to be that time of year again.

Boot season.

Are you excited? I am. People are constantly asking me how many pairs of shoes I own (guess it's 'cause I own a shoe store). But last night as I was going through my closet to put an outfit together for a wedding, I realized shoes weren't my problem. It's boots.

When winter rolls around I wear boots everyday, every single day. I quite a collection, not as huge as you would think. I try to donate a few pairs after every season, or buy boots that last. I have a few that I have been wearing well over 4 years. I still get asked "Where did you get those?"

So my suggestion is; splurge on basic boot styles that will last and don't break the bank on trendy boots.

Here's a few from Sorelle's that surely won't break the bank. We also have some great kid styles in boots available too!
These are only $25, we will have many more styles coming soon too! At great price points.
There's also some from Lulu's that I just purchased, which totally go with the combat boot theme I've been seeing everywhere. They were only about $40 so I'm hoping to get a few seasons out of them.

Stay tuned for more boot updates at Sorelle's!

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