Monday, November 18, 2013

Porch Decor on a Budget

So, I've been itching to do some Christmas decorating since Halloween ended. I've been doing a little here and there, but I still have some more to go. I'll share that when I finish up.

I've been looking for some faux lighted topiaries for my front porch, but every single one I like was way out of my budget. So I figured I would make my own or do a little doctoring to some inexpensive faux trees.

I found a set of 2 from Walmart for $50! They are really nice but not quite as tall as I wanted, so I'd thought I would try to "beef" 'em up with some height from a pedestal planter.

Instead of buying planters, my mom had two identical plastic ones that she was not longer using. So I got them for free! (Yay for family and friends who give away awesome stuff!)

They started out a faded brown color. I wasn't thrilled with the color of them, but it wasn't anything that a $5 can of black satin spray paint couldn't fix. I think the black made them stand out a bit more without being over the top. A more polished look if you would say so.

After letting them dry overnight, I filled them with sand so the trees would sit a just the right height inside the planter. 

And then voila! I got two of these for a grand total of about $55. My porch still isn't finished, I promise to show it all when it's done. Hopefully I'll add some poinsettias, and show you it all lit up!

Stay tuned!

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