Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clean, Fresh Makeup with a Pop of Color

If your anything like me, some mornings I just don't feel like putting a whole lotta
make up on. I'm way more into watching some TV and drinking coffee in bed until
I absolutely have to get up. Lately I've been just doing a BB cream and powder 
and/or a light foundation with mascara and a touch of blush. It takes all of five 
minutes maybe. 

But for just a little POP or PUNCH, I've been swiping on a bold lip color. These below
are my faves. They are easy to put on without liner, but I'm pretty sure I need a 
mirror for all of them. They all last for a few hours and are very moisturizing/non 
drying. I just bring it along with my in my bag for quick touch ups throughout 
the day. 


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