Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Want Me To Drink That?

Apple Cider Vinegar.

I love anything vinegary. A lot of people hate it, so drinking vinegar may not be for you. But I've been reading into the benefits of drinking it. So I thought why not?

Some of the claims of apple cider vinegar:
-Weight loss
-Digestion support
-Rid toxins from the body
-Clear up skin
-Treat lice
-Treat warts
-Boost energy
-Prevent/treat disease.

WebMD has a great article/breakdown on apple cider vinegar. I will link it here. It gives you supported information and answered some of my questions.

I've been drinking it pretty regularly for about 3 weeks. About 3 table spoons a day. I just dilute it in my daily water. I recommend Bragg, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with The 'Mother', Raw-Unfiltered. I actually like it, my boyfriend, however finds it gross.  

I can tell you that so far I do feel better in the tummy department. I've had a terrible acid stomach for a long time, but this seems to really help with it. Which doesn't make sense because the vinegar is pretty acidic. But read up/google it. It makes sense. All I know is I feel better and have less stomach pains.

I also find I have more energy in the mornings I drink it. Which is nice since I'm a pretty busy girl. 

But the real reason I started drinking apple cider vinegar is my skin. It's not good. Simple as that. It was really bad in high school and accutane kept it under control (which is not something I would ever want to take again blehhh). As an adult I thought I would grow out of acne. Well, I haven't. It has gotten better, but I wanted really good clear skin. 

Over the last 3 weeks of drinking this I can see a difference. My skin is almost completely clear. I still have a few small spots which are diminishing greatly. I can totally get away with a lot less makeup because of it.  I can't tell you if this is completely attributed to vinegar. I have started to drink A LOT more water, and I know this is helping my skin as well. I think the combination of the two have really done wonders! 

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