Monday, April 8, 2013

Where the heck have I been!?

I know, it's been much too long since I have last posted. I've been a busy busy bee with moving into a new house and moving my business all within a few short months. I've finally gotten a little more time on my hands to blog. YAY!

So for today, I wanted to share that I moved Sorelle's into another local boutique, Indigo Boutique. Which a AMAZING shop. The Indigo Girls have been so welcoming and helpful! They carry lots of great clothing and jewelry, and our inventories really complement one another. I will link Indigo's Facebook and website here for all of you that want to check out the great items they carry.

Also I wanted to post a few of the new items we are carrying at Sorelle's and our eBay store.

Ginny $24.00

Lucas $27.99

Finger $30.00

These are just a few of many to be sure to find us on Facebook and eBay to keep up with our latest styles.

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