Monday, April 29, 2013

This Week's Steals and Deals

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a total bargain shopper. Especially after moving into a new home and having lots of new responsibilities/bills. Yuck. However, I still get to fit a little shopping in here and there. Here's a few of my newest finds at great prices.

First find, faux suede westernish (is that a word?) ankle booties from Target. It's almost too hot for them now, but I think I can squeeze a few wears out of 'em until next Fall. You can find some great deals on Target's sale racks if you do some digging. There was only one pair of these left at my local store and my size! I cut the tags off of this already oops. I believe I paid about $11 for this!

Next find. A great coral/orange shoulder/crossbody bag. This is my new favorite color. Target had some very similar to this one at one time, but I missed out on those colors. I paid $25 for this bag. It's really well made, and I got it from a discount store, Tuesday Mornings. Kinda like a Homegoods/Marshalls. It's really well made, and I've already worn it this week. LOVE!

Last but not least, the my ultimate find. I've been seeing a people wear these really wide palazzo type pants more and more lately. I'm still not sure how I will style these yet, probably just a white tank and bold necklace. But I really love the pattern. They are a navy stripe/chevron print pant. They are much too long, but at the price I paid I can have them hemmed. They are from JC Penney and only $4!!!!!

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