Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Geauxing Pink in October

Today was quite a day. After taking dance classes all night I know I should be sleeping, but I can't. I am finding myself up wondering about tomorrow and what needs to be done.

So I've made myself a cup of tea (caffeine free) and I've decided maybe a little writing will do the trick.

I just wanted to share something with everyone and maybe this will even spark some ideas for you local business owners or people who just want to give some time.

The other day as I was checking the mail I came across a letter from Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC. This October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) they are doing a huge fundraiser for the center. It's geared toward local businesses/organizations that are interested in helping support early detection, survivorship, research, education and screening programs in the area. Basically you can donate your time or money by creating an event. This event will raise money that goes directly to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC. I'll link the website for more in depth information on what you can do and how you can participate. My shoe store Sorelle's, as well as our other family businesses, will be participating. I'll keep y'all posted on when and what we will do for an event, so stay tuned!

This cause hits pretty close to home with us because about a year ago we lost my grandmother, Ethel, to this disease. So this a great chance for our family to participate in her honor. We love to do fundraisers and my parents even walked 26 miles last year in the Avon walk! There are so many of us that are affected by breast cancer, and I think we all know someone who has had to fight.

My twin, grandma, and I

If any of you are interested in what you can do go to: www.marybird.org/geauxpink

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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