Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Leather Trend

One of the BIGGEST trends I see going on in magazines is leather. Which I totally love. I'll be able to get more use out of my bomber jacket that has lasted me years. That's the plus about leather, it's so durable and lasts forever.

September's issue of People StyleWatch has really inspired me wear some leather. The pages of this months issue are loaded with different ways to wear this trend. You can go full out head to toe or just wear small detailed pieces. Here's one of my favorites from the mag.

On the other hand, it can be totally pricey. I suggest picking it up at the end of the season clearances. The prices come down so much, and since it's leather you can hold onto it forever. One of my favorites cost me around $70 on 65% clearance. SCORE!

Another great suggestion for those of you on a budget (like me), check out faux leather. I know I know many of you are thinking pleather??? But there are so many styles out that look like the real thing with a much smaller price tag, and it's vegan friendly!

Here's a few of my recent finds. I'm not sure what happened to JC Penney's recently, but I like it! I've always shopped there with my mom for the holidays, but I never loved their clothing. Our local JCP is revamping the store, and well lets just say they have some amazing and affordable new clothing.


Dress $25 by Worthington
Green top $18 by a.n.a.
Skirt by Forever 21 (bought it pre-owned for $10 on eBay!)

Another place you'll be able to find some great faux leather this season is my shop, Sorelle's. I'm totally loving this peplum and pleather combo. So sophisticated! It'll arrive in a week or so. I'll like our Facebook page below for more information on us.

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