Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Starting to Feel like Fall Y'all!

Happy September!

Although it's still pretty warm outside, I can feel it coming. I even treated my self to a pumpkin spice latte today.

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. So many fun things are going on like football, new fashion, breast cancer awareness month (more on that soon!), and it's just that much closer to Turkey Day and Christmas! Just wanted to share some of my favorite candles that take me to Fall.

If there is anything that makes it feel like Fall, its candles. Bath and Body Works has my favorite candles. I love that they do seasonal scents, and they make me feel like a kid again. I guess the smell of many of their candles brings me back to all the fun of my childhood.

These candles can be be a bit pricey (big ones are $19.50), but they are huge and last a long time. Also, Bath and Body Works does two for $20 every few weeks and that's the only time I buy. That's going on right now! www.bathandbodyworks.com

My favorites are:
1. Leaves: which seems to be an all time classic, it keeps coming back
2. Mahogany Teak wood: Smells like the inside of Abercrombie, it reminds me of every boy from my high school days.
3. Cider Lane: Very much like apples and caramel (my mom wanted to know what I was eating).
4. Autumn: Also smells like apples also but more outdoorsy and woody.

Here's a cool trick I learned while shopping. I do love the packaging at Bath and Body Works, but it doesn't always match my decor. The labels can peel right off, and voila! It's very neutral and beautiful. They also have great metal candle tins that make them very pretty as well.

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