Monday, September 3, 2012

Ebaying for Fun!

Have a closet full of clothes? Things you don't wear, but are in great condition?

Within just a few minutes you can literally list an item and get a few extra bucks in your pocket. It's so crazy easy to do. You don't always get a lot of money for an item, but brand names sell, sell, sell.

If your anything like me, I clean my closet out each season. I'm kinda a neat freak in that department of life and that's about it. There are items that have been total impulse buys and have never been worn (why do I do this?!). I also have items that are gently used, but I just have no other place to wear them. Most of these items are dresses for special occasions or a pair of shoes that only went with one item of clothing. These are always the best candidates for eBay.However, I do have items that I have only worn very few times, but plan on keeping forever.

I typically also donate a lot of items, but some items I know will sell super easy on eBay.

Here's a few tips on getting your item sold on eBay.

1. Use keywords that buyers are looking for. Example: brand names, colors, styles. I try to make the title as detailed as I can so searchers can pick up on keywords.

2. Pictures! People love them and especially if the item if previously worn. Customers want to see all wear and tear before they buy. You want your item to hide nothing. You will be surprised at how many people will buy a great brand name product with a little damage.

3. Take full advantage of the description box. If there is wear on a item, mention it. List all the perks of the item. Even list where you wore it too, I love items with a history.

I will link my eBay store below, and give you guys a few pictures of some of the items I had lying around to sell.

I have a small obsession with shoes, especially since I own a shoe boutique. So I end up selling a lot of gently worn shoes on eBay.

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